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RON 2.jpg

Ron Mcleod
Drums & Backup Vocals

Steve 5.jpeg

Baz Littlerock
Lead Vocals & Guitar

Steve Fecteau
Bass & Backup Vocals


Roscoe Stewart
Guitar & Backup Vocals

John E. Keys


John E. Keys

Keys & Backup Vocals

Founded in 2002, Bon Jovi Forever is committed to bringing you the best Bon Jovi tribute out there. From the iconic smash hitsof the 80's and the fist pumping sounds of the 90's right up to today's newest hits, Bon Jovi Forever fills the dance floor while paying tribute to the amazing rock and roll band. 


Each of the five band members assumes and commits to the role of the character that they take on while on stage. From the stage set up to the signature moves, they portray everything you know and love about Bon Jovi in concert. Lead singer, Baz Littlerock sounds identical to Jon Bon Jovi - you have to hear it to believe it!

More than just a tribute band, Bon Jovi Forever brings the excitement of a real Bon Jovi show and the sound of the studio combined together to bring one of the most high-energy performances and fan-friendly shows that you will ever see. 


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